A Reliable Radio Solution to Reduce Downtime on Your Production Line

DTR Business Radio SolutionTired of your production line shutting down? Losing orders because your system can’t produce items on time? Is your quality out of control because your employees are trying too hard to make up for lost time?

Downtime Damage

No one wants downtime on a manufacturing line. Owners, employees and customers all suffer. The results are lost money, employee frustration and customer dissatisfaction. Frequent downtime becomes more serious with reduced profitability, high employee turnover and lost customers.

What’s the problem? Common causes of lost production are inadequate maintenance, repair, or adjustments to equipment and shortages of supplies, power or operators.  No matter what the issue, there are always two approaches to the situation: prevention and response. Prevention, of course, means you have to plan and schedule maintenance, repair and replacement schedules and inventory replacement. If you are breakdown driven, meaning you wait until something happens, then you need at least an immediate response to minimize downtime. Either way, efficient communication is crucial.

Downtime Solution

Supervisors and employees have to know immediately that there is a problem or potential problem in order to stop other processes and notify everyone up and down the line who is affected. This means they have to be confident they can communicate the key messages to the right people and access all information necessary to resolve the situation.

How do you communicate and respond to a work stoppage now? The traditional overhead paging systems, individual pagers and even cell phones are not adequate. Having workers running around the plant to spread the word and organize a response doesn’t cut it either. The bottom line is that you want to communicate essential information to the appropriate personnel as quickly as possible.

What is the answer? Business two-way radios.

A Business Radio Solution

State of the art two-way radios such as the Motorola DTR, RDX, or RM series sold by Next Radios are mobile, lightweight, with really clear, audible transmissions across a wide coverage area. Because of the usual noise on most plant floors, the exceptional audio quality is important. Radios developed for manufacturing facilities are definitely rugged devices, able to withstand extreme temperatures, dirt and rough handling.

All the radios can be accessorized with antennae, ear pieces and microphones, holsters and speakers. The hands free option would be really important when there is a machinery breakdown that requires handling.

You can transmit a warning, question, or information to one person, a designated group or to the general pool of users. This means you decide who will receive what information, requests and instructions. That makes it easier to get answers, coordinate responses and then distribute accurate information to whoever needs it.

Two-way radios can be used by many of your employees from shipping and receiving workers to warehouse managers, line supervisors, security personnel and maintenance staff.  You can bring in people as they are needed to assess and either prevent or remediate the downtime problem on the line.

The faster you can identify and communicate info about the equipment, supply or personnel issues that are causing or about to cause production delays, the faster you will have everything under control again.

Contact a specialist at Next Radios to identify the needs of your particular manufacturing operation and discuss the options available. There is a two-way radio solution waiting for you.

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