Front Desk Communication Hub of the Hotel

The front reception desk can be thought of as the hub of hotel life with its staff the face of all hotel service. Guests not only check in and out at the desk, they call or stop by for information on anything regarding their stay, hotel amenities, city events or available transportation. To provide a gold standard of service, front desk staff need to be able to communicate easily with room service, housekeeping, maintenance, bar service, the concierge and any other services might be needed to ensure a comfortable stay for guests.

Case for Two-Way Radios at Hotel Reception Desk

The desk clerks at the front desk of the hotel need efficient communication tools to support rapid response to the needs of their customers. Two-way business radios such as the Motorola CLP Series, CLS Series, DLR Series and DTR Series carried by Next Radios offer an affordable, user friendly technology for all reception desk situations. Here are just a few examples when a two-way radio is much more efficient than trying to phone, page or physically track down someone:

  • Checking that particular guest rooms are ready
  • Making sure guest requests for extra supplies such as towels, linens, glasses are filled immediately
  • Passing on guest or housekeeping info about a leaking toilet or a burnt out lightbulb to the maintenance crew for a quick response
  • Letting room service know a guest is waiting to have dishes removed, rather than asking the guest to make the call himself
  • Calling security quickly and directly if there is an issue with guests such as a stolen purse or an unauthorized entry
  • Contacting manager quickly for direction about any irregular situation
  • Fast follow-up to any situation to make sure it was taken care of
  • Communicating emergency response information immediately to all staff who need to know

Criteria for Choosing Two-Way Radios for Hotels

There are many two-way radios on the market but not all are designed appropriately for a hotel setting. Consider these factors when researching a purchase for front desk staff:

  • Size of building
  • Number of buildings in the business
  • Number of staff/users and how many different departments
  • Scheduling of staff and duration of shift
  • Need for professional looking style

The info about the operations will determine:

  • Size and design of radio; e.g. lightweight clip-on with earpiece accessories
  • Wattage; e.g. two watt radios should handle 6-20 floors
  • Number of channels; e.g. separate one for front desk, housekeeping and maintenance
  • Scan mode so management can monitor all channels
  • Direct call, group or call-all features
  • Capacity of battery charge
  • Range of coverage

Making a Decision about Two-Way Radios

It is best to make an informed decision with as much relevant info as possible. Rely on an expert at Next Radios. This specialist can work with the hotel owner or manager to identify the particular needs of the operation and review the pros and cons of the many reliable, affordable options from the range of Motorola products they offer. Contact a Next Radios specialist now to make sure the front desk staff are well equipped to provide stellar customer service.

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