Two-Way Radio Solution to Restaurant Staff Turnover

Motorola CLP1040Are you tired of the high staff turnover in your restaurant? You’re a decent, well organized manager and you pay competitive wages. You spend time training new staff to make sure they are comfortable with the way your operation runs. Yet, the turnover rate is still frustrating.

The Turnover Problem

High turnover in both the wait and kitchen staff is almost inevitable according to the National Restaurant Association. The rate has been increasing steadily since 2010 for many reasons, including the large number of students and part time employees who are always seeking something better. That does not mean you can’t find ways to improve your retention rate.

Communication is a significant factor in employee satisfaction in any workplace and is particularly important in the stressful restaurant industry. You might think you have good communication with your employees. You chat with them pleasantly on each shift, have regular staff meetings and pep talks. They seem to respond positively.

However, have you thought about all the communication in a restaurant setting? Your staff are continually bombarded from customer orders and maybe complaints to the queries and demands from other staff and managers. They often need info in a hurry and have to track down the right person.

If the dining room is really busy, that just adds to the stress and perhaps to the noise level.

The Business Two-Way Radio Solution

How can you improve communication in your restaurant? The answer is to provide the right tools. It might seem far-fetched but business two way radios such as the Motorola series offered by Next Radios can be an incentive for remaining on the job.

Imagine your servers with discreet clip-on radios such as a Motorola CLP1040. They can easily ask the chef for extra info about a menu item, summon a bus boy to clean up a spill, or alert the manager to an obnoxious guest. There is no more calling out even quietly, or walking to the kitchen, front desk or bar. Your staff just have to push a button and connect with each other using a strong, clear audio signal.

Even the noise level in the kitchen can be toned down as the chef can give quiet direction only to the cook who needs to hear them. No more yelling everything for everyone to hear. If a kitchen helper is back in a store room and has a question, he can communicate easily with the kitchen. There are several options for wearing a two-way radio such as lanyard, magnetic clip or belt clip so it’s easy to find something comfortable that does not get in the way of staff working with their hands.

Benefits of Two-Way Radios for Staff

The benefits for staff are immediate, including:

  • Feeling they are part of a service team
  • Sense of confidence that info or staff help is readily available
  • Decrease in rushing around when the dining room is busy

Is it time for you to provide your restaurant staff with an effective communication tool? Contact  a Next Radios specialist to identify your particular needs and discuss the many Motorola business two-way radio options available. There will be an affordable, user friendly product designed perfectly for you and your restaurant staff.

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