Two-Way Radios Boost Collaboration in the Plant

Motorola recently conducted its annual manufacturing survey across a range of company sizes in 38 states. Nearly 60% of the respondents identified improved collaboration as one of the top three benefits of two-way radios. This is particularly significant when 76% of the respondents believe it is important for their workers to be connected.

Two-way radios such as Motorola’s DTR, RDX and RM Series offered by Next Radios can play an important role in life on the line and in all other areas of your plant. Three primary benefits of your employees’ ability to collaborate and act on real time information are:

  • Improved employee safety
  • Faster, better informed problem solving and decision making
  • Feedback on line improvements

Let’s see how it happens.

Emergency Response

Efficient communication is crucial in responding successful to emergencies. Whether it is a failure on the production line or a safety issue such as a fire, two-way radios play a significant role. Information or requests go out immediately to all affected employees, perhaps searching for technicians to repair a stopped machine or giving orders to evacuate a certain area. If employees are connected with a two-way radio, there is opportunity for everyone to share pertinent info that might save time, equipment and even lives.

Resolving Problems

Critical thinking and problem solving are based on factual information. You do not necessarily need a meeting in a board room to figure out the answer. With two-way radios, you or your supervisory team can monitor the entire line, anticipating and preventing problems. Gather real time information from employees on the line who are reporting what they see in front of them. Maybe it’s a backlog or a malfunctioning machine.

If there are problems on the assembly or production line, the manager needs all the info he can obtain from people on the floor. Are there inefficiencies in just one line station or is there an overall delay in getting the job done?

Discuss the situation on your two-way radios. Listen to suggested solutions and have everyone involved state the pros and cons as they see them. Then, implement a solution with immediate feedback on how it’s working. The knowledge and experience of the entire work crew is used to everyone’s benefit. 

New Processes and Equipment

Two-way radios not only allow immediate sharing of problems or emergency situations, but also of good news. Perhaps, a new machine or process is being used. The operator and supervisor can share the progress as it unfolds, receiving suggestions and congratulations from other employees and management. That is how a sense of teamwork develops even in a noisy environment where operators are working at separate stations.

Moving Forward

If you don’t already have a two-way radio system installed in your manufacturing plant, it’s time to take that first step. Simple to use, affordable and efficient, this communication solution will enhance your productivity, improve your safety procedures and engage all your employees. Contact a Next Radios specialist to identify the needs of your plant and discuss the Motorola two-way business radio options that are available.

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