Two-Way Radios Streamline Hotel Housekeeping

How do two-way radios increase customer satisfaction and return business to your hotel? Such radios give your employees the tools for effective communication underlying the teamwork needed for excellent service. Housekeeping staff top the list of employees whose work can make or break your reputation for a clean, welcoming establishment.

Hotel Housekeeping Situations

Nothing turns off a customer like a dirty room, too few clothes hangers, no toilet tissue or an unanswered request for extra towels. It only has to happen once for the guest never to return. Although it is always easy to blame the housecleaning staff, you would be wise to dig deeper and perhaps find that poor communication is the problem.

There are many reasons why even your best staff are unable to perform at their peak, including:

  • Last minute changes to work assignments the cleaners do not know about in time to adjust their own routines
  • Delayed delivery of supplies so cleaners waste time checking if the paper products are available yet for them
  • Having to track down the manager to replace a malfunctioning vacuum cleaner
  • Concern about continued lack of response from a room locked from the inside
  • Need for supervisory direction on what to do about excessive garbage and damages
  • Concern about inappropriate talk from a guest who insists on staying around during cleaning

In such situations, a more effective communication process would increase the efficiency and even safety of the housekeeping staff who are often working alone. Cleaning sounds like a repetitive job but the reality is quite different.

Your cleaners do not want to waste time and energy walking down the hall, taking an elevator and searching for supplies and other personnel. Their job is timed and there are a certain number of rooms that must be finished before their shift ends. Also, an employee’s frustration is usually evident to guests who are not impressed.

Radio Solution for Efficient Housekeeping

A fairly simple solution is for you to provide affordable, two-way radios to your staff. They can clip on these push-to-talk radios such as Motorola CLP, CLSDLR and DTR Series carried by Next Radios and use them for instant communication with one person or several. Then, they are working with real time information from the right source. Also, it’s easier to collaborate if there is an unexpected task requiring a team effort.

Housekeeping managers will be particularly pleased as they can check on progress without having to tramp from floor to floor or ask the cleaning staff to call them from a room phone. No one is tied to one location. Your manager can check on the supply deliveries, coordinate with maintenance and coach a new employee while still being available instantly to a cleaner with an issue. The bonus is that your housekeeping staff feel they are part of a team.

You don’t need complicated, expensive radios. Connect with our Next Radios specialist to identify your particular needs. Then you can discuss the many Motorola options for a functional, affordable two-way radio system to support efficiencies in your hotel housekeeping service.

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