Two-Way Radios Support Restaurant Efficiency

Motorola CLP1060A restaurant’s success is built on customer satisfaction. Although people usually choose a restaurant for the actual food, they will return only if the service is pleasant and efficient. No one can enjoy even a fast food meal if they have to wait a long time, especially in a noisy, disorganized environment.

Restaurant owners quickly understand that their profitability depends on efficiency from stocking their refrigerators and preparing food to taking orders, serving meals and processing the bills. Any delays along the way affect the quality of the food, the way in which it is served and the timing of taking payment money, that final interaction with the customer.

Disruptions in the Meal Service

Just think how easy it is to disrupt the complex workflow of seating customers, taking orders, preparing and serving food and drinks in a timely manner and facilitating customers’ paying and leaving. An inattentive busser, a kitchen delivery that is a pallet short of romaine, malfunctioning equipment, unusual questions from a customer about the menu ingredients are only a few examples of what can happen on the “production line” to make the customer feel short changed. What was supposed to be a relaxing or celebratory experience was spoiled and that’s what the customer will remember.

Solution for Increased Efficiency

Both the front-of-the-house and the kitchen managers need to put in place a workflow with clearly assigned duties and an efficient sequencing of tasks. Staff need to be competent, knowledgeable and friendly but they also have to accept that they are part of a team and know how to work well and communicate with everyone else.

Good communication is the key to productivity. From the front-of-the-house manager to the servers, bartenders, chef and line cooks, everyone needs to be able to send and receive info quickly and clearly. Two-way radios like the Motorola series sold by Next Radios are the devices of choice to maintain an efficient workflow.

Here are just a few examples of times when two-way radios increase productivity in a medium size to large restaurant:

  • Manager/host able to connect with staff to make sure certain tables are ready for seating
  • Server can clarify or add to special instructions about an order already in the kitchen
  • Server can answer customer questions about food and drink by contacting chef or bartender immediately
  • Server can call for clean-up help when customer knocks over glass of wine
  • Manager can identify VIPs for receiving complimentary drinks
  • Kitchen help outside with delivery truck can question kitchen manager about an order
  • Prep cook can tell kitchen manager that the food processor is not working
  • Server or bartender can call manager or security if a customer needs to be cut off drinks or calmed down
  • Front -of-the-house manager can alert car valet service that customer is ready to leave

Service is speed up quietly. There is no calling out or extra running around. Information is transmitted discreetly. Customer needs are anticipated so their “usual” drink appears like magic or their cars are ready when they leave. The service is streamlined and efficient. The atmosphere is relaxing and stress free, just the way customers like it.

Contact a specialist from Next Radios to identify the specific needs of your restaurant. Then, you’ll be ready to discuss all the two-way radio options available to help your staff provide value added meal service.

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